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SSL Visibility Appliance

Open up your encrypted traffic blind spot. Use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption is pervasive and growing rapidly worldwide. Between 30 and 70% of network traffic now uses SSL / TLS encryption. Encryption protects data from being viewed in transit over the Internet, but also creates a significant blind spot for advanced malware, while introducing privacy and regulatory compliance risks.

You need to manage this dilemma by establishing a comprehensive encrypted traffic management strategy that addresses acceptable-use policies for inbound and outbound encrypted traffic, in an extensible architecture that will scale and protect the business, while also adhering to privacy and compliance requirements.

Encrypted traffic presents massive challenges for organisations wishing to protect themselves. The management of encrypted traffic is a sophisticated discipline. While others treat SSL management as a “sideshow” and deliver useless rudimentary capabilities, the Blue Coat SSL Visibility Appliance is the only dedicated enterprise-class encrypted traffic management technology in the industry. This unique solution offers complete visibility and control of encrypted traffic without requiring a redesign of network infrastructure. It enables you to add policy-based SSL inspection and management capabilities to your network security architecture, and lift the security blindfold created by encrypted traffic.

You reap the following benefits through the SSL Visibility Appliance:

  • Power This powerful, purpose-built technology eliminates the SSL / TLS blind spot in your network infrastructure. This unique appliance automatically sees all SSL / TLS traffic – all ports and applications – without the need for complex scripting or configuration. This means you will be able to spend less time administering your network security, while having a more complete overview of which encrypted applications and hidden potential threats are running in and out of your organisation.
  • Enterprise class Blue Coat’s SSL Visibility Appliance is comprehensive, extensible solution, ensuring high-security encryption. While other vendors only support a handful of cipher standards, the SSL Visibility Appliance provides timely and complete standard support, with over 70 cipher suites and key exchanges offered, a number which is constantly growing. Furthermore, unlike our competitors’ offerings, this solution does not “downgrade” cryptography levels or weaken your organisation’s security posture, therefore reducing risk. As SSL/TLS standards evolve, so will the management and enforcement capabilities of the SSL Visibility Appliance.
  • Cost effectiveness This solution cost-effectively enhances your existing security infrastructure. Recognising that multiple devices need access to SSL/TLS traffic in your infrastructure, this solution can feed active and passive devices simultaneously (“Decrypt Once, Feed Many”), perfectly complementing your existing security solutions (e.g. DLP, IPS, NGFW, sandbox) without breaking your budget or hindering performance. This avoids the 3x to 5x hardware capacity upgrade costs typically required by security solutions requiring SSL inspection. Furthermore, it equips you with network forensics and incident response technologies to gain appropriate visibility into encrypted traffic, which is critical in breach-related events.
  • Privacy and compliance protection SSL VA preserves data privacy and compliance while enabling comprehensive security. The SSL Visibility Appliance is a powerful policy enforcement point for controlling SSL/TLS traffic throughout your organisation. Offering selective decryption based on policies, the solution can be customised as per organisational needs. Using its unique Host Categorisation service, combined with Blue Coat’s market-leading Global Intelligence Network, the SSL Visibility Appliance can easily help your organisation balance the demands of data privacy and security, and satisfy your Legal, Compliance and Risk Management teams. Additionally, the SSL Visibility Appliance ensures data integrity and auditing of the decrypted data it manages – simplifying monitoring and logging of data for compliance purposes.

Additionally, the SSL Visibility Appliance ensures data integrity and auditing of the decrypted data it manages – simplifying monitoring and logging of data for compliance purposes. Additionally, the SSL Visibility Appliance supports a broad ecosystem of partner solutions, including IPS, DLP, NGFW, anti-malware / sandboxing, security analytics, and certificate and key management systems. These compatible solutions are the foundation of Blue Coat’s Encrypted Traffic Management (ETM) Ready Partner Programme. Collectively, the integration of the SSL Visibility Appliance and these powerful third-party security technologies provides a comprehensive encrypted traffic management solution for enterprises, both large and small.

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