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Web Cache Appliance - CacheFlow

Faster performance. Far less bandwidth. The Blue Coat CacheFlow appliance is a high-performance web caching solution designed to help service providers make significant savings in bandwidth, and accelerate the delivery of rich content, including video. CacheFlow easily scales to support more users and greater traffic volumes over time, plus provides built-in tools for web traffic reporting and filtering to protect users.

With CacheFlow, you don’t have to keep buying expensive bandwidth to meet performance goals. Using CacheFlow, you can dramatically cut infrastructure costs and deliver a more responsive web experience.

The patent pending CachePulse technology delivers real-time intelligence, for effective content categorisation and caching. You can be confident that the CacheFlow solution will continuously sustain high bandwidth savings and improve user experience in the long term. CachePulse tracks the ever-changing web; therefore, as new sites emerge or popular sites change how they deliver content, new caching rules and instruction updates are automatically delivered from the CachePulse cloud to the CacheFlow appliance.

Product Brand: CachePulse - Optimizing Network Performance

Every day, Blue Coat CacheFlow appliances handle more than 2,000,000 gigs of web traffic, enabling companies to prioritize traffic without adding bandwidth. Get all the details from this animated info graphic.