ETM-Ready Program

Encrypted Traffic Management: A New Approach
The majority of today's cyber risk hides in encrypted network traffic. Organizations risk financial loss and damaged reputation if they do not address it.  Blue Coat’s Encrypted Traffic Management solutions provide the most cost effective means to eliminate the encrypted traffic blind spot while preserving privacy, policy, compliance and the investment in the security infrastructure.

About ETM-Ready Certification
ETM Ready Certification is designed to enable Blue Coat technology partners to build solutions that help combat security threats hidden in encrypted traffic while preserving privacy, policy and regulatory compliance. By integrating their products with the Blue Coat SSL Visibility Appliance, Blue Coat technology partners’ products can offer certified solutions to detect, prevent and eliminate the hidden threats in encrypted traffic.

The partners listed here have met the highest certification standards to help you manage SSL encrypted traffic.


Big Monitoring Fabric (Inline Mode) can be deployed in a highly available (HA) configuration to enable visibility and threat mitigation in the DMZ by chaining multiple services based on policies. The joint solution with Blue Coat SSL Visibility Appliance enables policy-based insertion and chaining of the service with other threat prevention devices at the DMZ to selectively decrypt SSL traffic for malware detection. The solution thus provides best-in-class ETM to detect and eliminate the SSL encrypted traffic blind spots while offering a low cost solution and SDN-centric operational simplicity.

Brocade’s network packet broker (NPB) is a device that sits between the traffic extrication point in the network (TAP or span/mirror port) and the analytics tools. Symantec’s encrypted traffic management (ETM) solution eliminates the encrypted traffic blind spot and combats the security threats hidden in encrypted traffic. Rather than decrypt the encrypted traffic in each analytics tool separately, use this joint solution to provide the decryption capabilities in the packet broker.

To achieve complete visibility into all traffic, organizations can enhance their cPacket IMF deployment with the market-leading SSL Visibility Appliance from Blue Coat.  The cPacket next-generation Network Performance Monitor (NPM) can leverage the capabilities of the SSL Visibility Appliance to provide advanced security, real-time high resolution network performance monitoring, and analytics for all traffic across the entire IMF.

The combination of the Blue Coat SSL Visibility Appliance and the Cyphort Advanced Threat Defense Platform solution delivers best in class Encrypted Traffic Management  to decrypt SSL traffic and  detect advanced malware, prioritize remediation, and automate containment.

eSentire® is the leader in Active Threat Protection solutions and services, the most comprehensive way to defend enterprises from advanced and never-before-seen cyber threats. eSentire’s flagship offering, Network Interceptor, challenges legacy security approaches, combining behaviour-based analytics, immediate mitigation and actionable intelligence on a 24x7x365 basis. Protecting more than $2.5 trillion in Assets under Management (AuM), eSentire is the trusted choice for security decision-makers in the financial services, legal, healthcare, mining, engineering and construction, and technology industries.

Fidelis Cybersecurity provides Advanced Malware Protection, Data Theft Protection, and Network Security Analytics in a single, tightly integrated system for continuous protection across the enterprise. Combined with Blue Coat's SSL Visibility Appliance, the Fidelis XPS solution delivers best in class Encrypted Traffic Management (ETM) solution with complete visibility into both SSL and non-SSL network traffic—and increases the efficiency and effectiveness of IT security teams.

The combination of the Blue Coat SSL Visibility Appliance and the FireEye Network Threat Prevention Platform (NX Series) solution delivers best in class Encrypted Traffic Management to decrypt SSL traffic and analyze for malicious content.

The combination of Symantec’s SSL Visibility Appliance together with ForeScout CounterACT capabilities enable organizations to provide comprehensive, intelligent protection at all layers, even for encrypted traffic.

The combination of the Blue Coat SSL Visibility Appliance and the Gemalto SafeNet Luna SP solution delivers best-in-class Encrypted Traffic Management to decrypt SSL traffic, and to provide secure storage of encryption assets (crypto keys and digital certificates) in a separate, tamper-proof appliance.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is an industry-leading technology company that enables customers to go further, faster. With the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio, spanning the cloud to the data center to workplace applications, our technology and services help customers around the world make IT more efficient, more productive and more secure.

The combination of the Blue Coat SSL Visibility Appliance and the Lastline Breach Detection Platform solution delivers best-in-class Encrypted Traffic Management  to decrypt SSL traffic and  identify evasive and zero-day threats with a next-generation, full system emulation sandbox.

LogRhythm, a leader in security intelligence and analytics, empowers organizations around the globe to rapidly detect, respond to and neutralize damaging cyber threats. The company’s award-winning platform unifies next-generation SIEM, log management, network and endpoint monitoring and forensics, and security analytics. In addition to protecting customers from the risks associated with cyber threats, LogRhythm provides innovative compliance automation and assurance, and enhanced IT intelligence.

ManagedMethods’ mission is to provide customers with an easy to use, efficient and effective cloud security solution. We believe in the basics. You can’t secure what you don’t know exists. Shadow IT is a real problem, but it doesn’t need to be. With our products, companies can easily discover, monitor and control the use of cloud applications (SaaS) and reduce their cloud risk. Founded in 2013 by industry veterans of the enterprise security and performance software markets, ManagedMethods’ products focus on the growing use of cloud applications and services that are at the core of today’s mission critical business functions.

Blue Coat SSL Visibility Appliances provide the ability to inspect and decrypt SSL traffic, while maintaining compliance with data privacy laws and regulatory policies. When used in conjunction with RSA Security Analytics, the Blue Coat SSL Visibility Appliance can ensure compliance and prevent data loss by providing access to the decrypted plaintext of SSL flows.

Symantec Corporation (NASDAQ: SYMC) is an information protection expert that helps people, businesses and governments seeking the freedom to unlock the opportunities technology brings -- anytime, anywhere. Founded in April 1982, Symantec, a Fortune 500 company, operating one of the largest global data-intelligence networks, has provided leading security, backup and availability solutions for where vital information is stored, accessed and shared. The company's more than 19,000 employees reside in more than 45 countries. Ninety-nine percent of Fortune 500 companies are Symantec customers. In fiscal 2015, it recorded revenues of $6.5 billion. To learn more go to or connect with Symantec at:

TopSpin Security provides a solution that protects your organization from loss of valuable data and prevents disruption of your operations. The emphasis is on accuracy, minimal overhead and simplicity of deployment and usage. The company’s solution DECOYnetTM incorporates a set of unique security engines that discover infected assets in your organization before damage is done. These include active deception, automatic configuration to your network and automated structured analysis of your network traffic.

Trend Micro Incorporated, a global leader in security software, strives to make the world safe for exchanging digital information. Built on 26+ years of experience, our solutions for consumers, businesses and governments provide layered data security to protect information on mobile devices, endpoints, gateways, servers and the cloud. Trend Micro enables the smart protection of information, with innovative security technology that is simple to deploy and manage, and fits an evolving ecosystem. All of our solutions are powered by cloud-based global threat intelligence, the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ infrastructure, and are supported by more than 1,200 threat experts around the globe. For more information, visit

The combination of the Blue Coat SSL Visibility Appliance and the Venafi Trust Protection solution delivers best-in-class Encrypted Traffic Management  to decrypt SSL traffic; along with a centralized management platform for the discovery, validation, and management of all encryption assets (crypto  keys and digital certificates) in an enterprise-grade set of appliances.

VSS Monitoring provides solutions that monitor, analyze, and defend today's dynamic network. Together with the Blue Coat SSL Visibility Appliance, organizations can examine clear-text and encrypted traffic from a unified system, reducing risk to their security infrastructures through a comprehensive, high-performance, and scalable Encrypted Traffic Management (ETM) solution.