Intelligence Ecosystem

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Get actionable intelligence to increase your control and their confidence. You need more than raw network and application performance to create a user experience that’s truly differentiated. You need intelligence. You need the ability to classify content and apps, cover a wide range of websites and content, identify and detect new threats, and control access according to your business policies.

The Blue Coat Intelligence Ecosystem, an integral part of the Business Assurance Platform, makes it possible. And the cornerstone technology behind our comprehensive approach is the Blue Coat WebPulse Collaborative Defense System.

The WebPulse Collaborative Defense system performs real-time categorization and ratings of web URLs and content, based on the combined input of more than 75 million people worldwide interacting with more than 500 million web requests per day. These ratings can be used to allow or block access to a specific URL or content, according to your specific security policies. At the same time, background processes hunt for evidence of malware and malicious content.

These WebPulse capabilities deliver comprehensive threat intelligence to all the Blue Coat security solutions such as ProxySG, Proxy AV, the Blue Coat Cloud Service, PacketShaper and Blue Coat K-9 Web Protection, as well as third-party security products—all at no additional charge.

WebPulse is also a core element of Blue Coat’s “negative day security” capability, which identifies, tracks, and blocks malnet infrastructures before an attack occurs. When the attack begins at day zero, this negative day defense is already blocking the servers or domains involved in the attack, so Blue Coat customers are routinely protected long before the actual threat phase begins. With traditional approaches, detection can only begin once the attack has launched.