Nine Entertainment Co.

Communications powerhouse delivers media information and entertainment to millions of Australians. Nine Entertainment Co. is Australia’s most diversified media and entertainment group. The Web is one of the its most important applications; the Web-based business apps, software as a service offerings and streaming media must always be available and running, as part of the daily course of business.


The Nine Entertainment Co.’s IT team found its existing Web security solution struggled to meet their growing need for visibility, security and performance. Lack of policy and management flexibility made employees less productive and burdened the IT team with administrative policy change tasks.


Nine Entertainment Co. selected the Blue Coat Secure Web Gateway solution, deploying ProxySG appliances, WebFilter, Director and Reporter to provide consistent, reliable access to the Web, with centralized management, configuration and reporting.


  • Ability to deliver every empoloyee exactly what they need with granular access
  • Visibility into how the Internet was being used for better bandwidth management
  • Greater Web awareness and protection
  • Savings for video traffic, due to WAN optimization technology