Our Commitment to the Environment

Blue Coat recognizes its responsibility and desire to reduce the direct impact of Blue Coat’s business operations on the natural environment, both now and in the future. We will identify and implement more sustainable business practices, with the goals of conserving energy, reducing emissions, and minimizing our consumption of natural resources.

Our commitment reflects the following objectives and priorities:

  • Provide a safe and healthy workplace 

    • ensuring personnel are properly trained to maintain Blue Coat safety and emergency procedures

  • Protect the environment in communities where we operate (specific to our business activities) by:

    • preventing pollution to land, water and air

    • conserving natural resources through reusing and recycling materials, whenever feasible

    • minimizing our emissions by identifying opportunities, setting goals, and implementing programs

    • conserving energy and increasing operational efficiencies

    • encouraging everyone to make environmentally conscious choices in their daily business and personal activities

  • Meet or exceed compliance obligations applicable to our organization

  • Strive to continually improve our Environmental Management System to enhance its environmental performance, by:

    • conducting regular audits and self-assessments

    • measuring and communicating progress

    • periodically reviewing with top management

All employees and contractors on Blue Coat premises are expected to follow our Environmental Policy and to report any environmental concern or opportunities to leadership and/or the internal Sustainability Council. Blue Coat maintains an ISO 14001 certification for its Headquarter location in Sunnyvale, CA and promotes environmental sustainability across the company.

Earth-Friendly Programs & Initiatives

Responsible technology recycling is good for both business and the environment. Blue Coat’s Product Recycling Service, comparable to recycling programs at much larger companies, helps mitigate contribution to the e-waste problem from our products.