Mobility Empowerment Center

Mobility Empowerment Center

Untether your workforce. Empower your business. Your employees and contractors want to work their way. On their schedule. From the location they choose. With the devices and apps they prefer.With Mobility Empowerment Center you can secure all of the devices and applications used for business—regardless of who owns and uses them or where and how they connect to your network. So you can embrace BYOD rather than fight it.

Our customers are also using Mobility Empowerment Center products to:

Diagnose patients remotely: A major healthcare organization will soon be able to accept X-rays and other health-related information from mobile devices in remote locations. This will give doctors the detailed intelligence they need to begin diagnosing and treating patients even before they arrive at the facility, as well as consult with other doctors, leverage their expertise, and get second opinions.

Provide secure guest WiFi: Mobility Empowerment Center makes it possible to provide enterprise-grade security solution across all networks, including cloud, virtual, and on-premises deployments—so users are safe using guest WiFi.

Enforce “acceptable use” policies: Retailers don’t want customers surfing porn in their stores and businesses don’t want employees posting to Facebook during conference calls. With Mobility Empowerment Center, customers can set and enforce acceptable use policies—and keep control.

Secure vital information anywhere: Thanks to Mobility Empowerment technology, airline pilots can now load critical flight manuals onto an iPad rather than physically packing them aboard each flight, saving a significant amount of money on fuel costs without compromising security.

MacKenzie University - Customer Video

How do students safely connect to the university network via multiple devices? A secure web gateway solution.