Trusted Application Center

Take control. So they can take advantage. The number and diversity of applications out there is staggering. Business apps, web-based apps, mobile apps, consumer apps—millions of them available for download and use by your workforce.

Get control—and gain a huge competitive advantage. With Trusted Application Center, your enterprise can safely deploy and consume all apps.

File claims without visiting the insurance office: Insurance companies are now able to roll out new “mobile claim” apps that enable customers to file a claim or provide claim information simply by uploading photos or reports via their mobile devices.

Launch mobile banking services: Large financial institutions are making it fast and easy for customers to make a deposit—without having to show up at the bank. New services allow customers to use their cell phones to take an image of a check and send it to the bank for deposit.

See and understand the entire application landscape: Trusted Application Center products give customers a comprehensive view of the web and application landscape so you can classify and control access to apps according to business priorities.

Provide secure mobile application development: Trusted Application Center products provide protection for both trusted and untrusted web environments, so you can combine robust security, high performance content delivery, and operational simplicity.

Thought Leadership: Secure Guest Wi-Fi

Secure use of Internet for customers and guests, particularly for organizations like retail stores, where a separate network is business critical.