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Blue Coat Security Platform - Reporter

Powerful Visibility into Users' Web Activity. Reporter now integrates as a key component of our central management product, Management Center. So rather than having separate reporting and management products, we’ve combined analysis and reporting with policy creation, configuration and monitoring - all into the new Management Center product. Reporter provides the highly scalable log collection, storage and processing engine for Management Center.

And now Reporter 10 is more powerful, more scalable, easier to purchase and easier to deploy. It is also provided in a variety of form factors.

  • Traditional reports can still be accessed on Reporter, including the ability to:
  • Troubleshoot possible security holes
  • Track potentially dangerous user activity
  • Gain visibility into blocked traffic by category and URL
  • Conserve network bandwidth resources by identifying abuse patterns
  • Provide visibility into the usage of specific web application functions
  • Plan and review policy based on web, application and video usage
  • Report on web and video usage by user, group, location, URL and other factors
  • Identify violators of corporate web access policies and possibly compromised and infected systems on the corporate network

These capabilities are now available in Management Center, which also adds support for new security reports combining analysis from ProxySG and Content Analysis, plus CASB Usage and Risk Analysis Reports. Management Center is the powerful unified management environment which integrates management across Blue Coat’s product portfolio, delivering them as a security platform to address the evolving network, security and cloud requirements across global organizations.


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