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Blue Coat WebFilter / Intelligence Services

In today’s rapidly changing threat landscape, you need advanced tools and the most accurate and up-to-date threat intelligence to defend against crafty and malicious threats deployed by the attackers.

Blue Coat WebFilter has been delivering real-time protection for web content and security categorization, as well as web application control that can be easily managed by IT administrators. Powered by Blue Coat’s Global Intelligence Network, it categorizes billions of web pages into more than 80 categories in 50+ languages. When deployed with ProxySG appliances, WebFilter can enforce and update corporate security policies across the network based on these categories and execute granular control over select popular web applications and operations.

As a more advanced step, and building upon the success of Blue Coat WebFilter, research scientists and security experts from Blue Coat Labs have introduced a new subscription service – the Blue Coat Intelligence Services. Powered by the Global Intelligence Network, this new service gives you access to additional capabilities that are tailored to your protection requirements. In addition to the services already in Blue Coat WebFilter, these new services provide:

  • URL Threat Risk Levels
  • GEO Location

With Blue Coat Intelligence Services, you can join thousands of satisfied Blue Coat customers to enjoy the most advanced Web security and the peace of mind knowing that our team of security experts and our advanced Global Intelligence Network are working around the clock to provide you the most advanced protection possible.

Blue Coat’s cloud-based Global Intelligence Network gains web and threat risk intelligence from our partnership with over 15,000 of the largest global enterprises, including over 70% of the Fortune Global 500.

If you feel your site has been improperly categorized, please visit:

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Blue Coat ProxySG and WebFilter, combined, act as a crucial first line of defense against web threats.