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Cloud Access Security

Once Cloud Visibility and Intelligence gives you insight into cloud application risk – risky users, using risky applications and uploading data – you need to control that behavior. There are many challenges that require the right set of technologies and control policy to effectively manage:

  • Encryption Most cloud applications leverage SSL to secure user’s interactions with the application. Without the ability to manage encrypted traffic, cloud application security is impossible.

  • Expanded threat surface for malware and advanced threats Public cloud applications are a new vector for all threats coming into your environments, especially the more sophisticated advanced threats.

  • Data exfiltration As data flows out of the organization, enterprises need to scan for their data to maintain compliance and data security. 

Startup CASB vendors in the industry lack any control point for web and cloud traffic to implement policy control and mitigate the risk of shadow cloud. That deficiency makes it impossible for those vendors to block access, or inspect content for data exfiltration or threats.

As the leader in web security – and now cloud access security – Blue Coat gives you not only visibility, but also powerful control policies to mitigate risk of unsanctioned cloud applications:

  • Decrypt for Complete Policy Enforcement Our position in the network coupled with our deep SSL expertise let’s you selectively decrypt traffic and data, maintaining privacy compliance and high security encryption. Together, these provide the basis for complete cloud access security.

  • Manage Cloud Access Controlling who is using which cloud applications is critical. Blue Coat allows you to force authentication and  log every access to know exactly who is doing what. Then you can write policy to block access to risky applications, coach users to leverage corporate-sanctioned applications and redirect questionable data flows to content inspection, malware sandboxing and data leakage infrastructure.

  • Prevent Malware & Advanced Threats Blue Coat delivers policy control and content orchestration to allow you to scan data and files against multiple AV engines, check against document white lists, scan code and structure of files to sniff out potential malware – all in real time with Blue Coat’s Content Analysis System. Suspicious files can be sent to sandboxing technologies like Blue Coat Malware Analysis and other sandboxing products compatible with our open integrated systems.

  • Inspect Data for Exfiltration Risk As data leaves the organization, the same policy-based decryption, data/file extraction and orchestration can be applied to outbound flows, directing questionable data to Data Leakage Protection (DLP) and other data security engines. This provides advanced control over data exfiltration.  Blue Coat’s integrates quite simply with industry leading DLP systems, including Blue Coat’s own Data Leakage Prevention technology.

Blue Coat delivers visibility and control over web and cloud applications via a true hybrid model – enterprise grade on-premise appliances and virtual appliances, as well as a cloud-delivered security service with 40+ datacenters across the globe.

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