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Cloud-Delivered Web Security

In today’s inter-connected web environment, where all organizations have a cloud presence and users access the Internet from all over the world using public and private networks, you need on-demand web security for the cloud. Detailed, customizable reporting provides visibility into web traffic and granular web application and operation controls. IT administrators have actionable intelligence to instantly create and apply new policies to all users, including roaming workers on external networks. Blue Coat’s cloud-delivered Web Security Service leverages our web and security partnership with 15,000 of the largest global enterprises, including 88 of the largest companies in the world, providing you comprehensive protection against web-based threats for all users regardless of location.

Just as important, the Blue Coat Cloud Service identifies and categorizes new web content in real time with 99+% accuracy. And rest assured, Blue Coat is endorsed by network teams globally who know that the Blue Coat Cloud Service is backed by our guaranteed 99.999% uptime agreement.

With Blue Coat, you have the flexibility to move to an all-cloud security solution or a hybrid solution at your own pace, moving users to the cloud when you’re ready, without having to give up the control and access of your on-premise security solution.


Blue Coat Cloud Service Overview

Delivering web security has traditionally required on-premises technology that few brands can afford or maintain. Cloud is the answer. Specifically, Blue Coat Cloud Security Service.