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Symantec Cloud-Delivered Web Security Services

Secure Web Gateway as a Service

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The Symantec Web Security Service provides the same proactive web protection capabilities delivered by our market leading ProxySG Secure Web Gateway, but delivered as a resilient, high performance cloud security service. Sitting between your employees and the Internet, the service protects your enterprise from cyberthreats, controls and protects corporate use of the cloud, prevents data leaks, and ensures compliance with all of your enterprise’s information and web/cloud access policies.

Trusted, Proven, and Cloud Delivered

Enterprises depend on Symantec’s Web Security Service to support their compliance and security requirements, whether it be for remote or distributed offices or to protect their increasingly mobile workforce.  It frequently makes sense to allow these users to go “Direct to Net”, accessing web services and cloud applications directly via the internet instead of routing traffic back through corporate datacenters.  Network Security teams can support these users with the same robust security and compliance policies that are in place protecting their corporate office traffic. 

Simple to provision and deploy, and integrated with Symantec’s award-winning malware protection, data-loss prevention (DLP), advanced threat protection (ATP), and cloud access security (CASB) services, Symantec Web Security Service delivers best in class Secure Web Gateway capabilities with the efficiencies and cost benefits associated with the cloud.

Core Capabilities:

Symantec’s Web Security Service enforces granular access and security policies that manage web internet usage by app, device, user or location.  Enterprise-class functionality includes:



URL Filtering & Categorization 

  • Leverage 9 security categories to block 90% of all threats
  • Unique URL Threat Risk Score to increase security without over-blocking
  • Classify URLs in one of 70 categories covering over 50 languages
  • Access threat data from market-leading Global Intelligence Network - learn more here

User Authentication

  • ID users with multiple authentication methods
  • Integrate with authentication systems used by your enterprise

Advanced Threat Protection

  • Multi-layered dual anti-virus and heuristic analysis combines to block malware
  • Utilize customized White-List/Black-List capabilities and file reputation analysis 

Universal Connectivity

  • Distributed global datacenters provide local cloud access
  • Easily connect laptops, mobile devices, firewalls, proxies and more


Additional Capabilities: 

Symantec has integrated the Web Security Service with other products in its broad security portfolio.  These additional solutions include:

Malware Analysis Service

  • Add powerful inspection capabilities to filter up to 99% of potential malware before delivery
  • Leverage advanced analysis (static code, YARA rules, behavioral) as well as inline, real-time file blocking to combat threats
  • Utilize sandboxing to detonate suspicious samples; coordinate with Web Security Service to delay file delivery until analysis is complete
  • Learn more about Malware Analysis for Web Security Service here

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

  • Identify Shadow IT – identify the clouds your users are accessing; evaluate the risks of these clouds (over 18,000) by examining up to 90 attributes on each
  • Set access and control policies based in cloud attribute data in order to manage risk, address threats and protect information
  • Learn more about Symantec CASB for Web Security Service, named a leader in Forrester’s recent CASB Wave report, here

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

  • Link to your on-premise DLP solution to use existing solution ‘s fine-tuned rules to protect web and cloud 
  • Monitor and protect sensitive data on mobile devices, on-premise, and in the cloud using the most advanced DLP matching and recognition engines on the market
  • Extend your DLP coverage and get direct visibility and control of content in over 60 cloud apps - including Office 365, Box, Dropbox, Google Apps or Salesforce
  • Learn more about Symantec DLP for Web Security Service, named a leader in Forrester’s recent DLP Wave report, here

Web Security for Today’s Enterprise Realities

Mobile users, remote offices, cloud application adoption, increasing compliance obligations and an evolving and sophisticated threat environment – this is the new reality for enterprise IT and Security teams.  Symantec’s Web Security Service provides the advanced capabilities needed to address these realities and ensure your web and cloud use remains efficient, effective, secure and compliant.



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