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Cloud Visibility & Intelligence

Aggressive adoption of cloud applications by employees and business-units in today’s enterprise has created serious issues around data security and compliance. Large volumes of data can move outside of corporate control to online cloud storage applications like Box, Dropbox and Evernote – or any of thousands of other applications. Not only does that raise concerns over data exfiltration and governance, it provides new potential threat vectors. Organizations like yours want to ensure the safe adoption of sanctioned applications to take advantage of the power of the cloud, but you need to understand and manage the risk of unsanctioned application use. For those reasons, you want to know:

  • What applications are being used? Who is using them?

  • Who is using unsanctioned cloud applications? What are my risks?

  • How much data is sent out? Is it company data?  Where is it going?

Blue Coat provides the most comprehensive cloud access security capabilities to provide visibility and intelligence into cloud usage and cloud application risk to ensure safe cloud usage. Our Management Center applications provide the visibility, log processing, reporting and analysis to help you:

  • Discover and analyze cloud data usage and risk Based on your web and cloud access logs, use simple dashboards and detailed analysis to gain an understanding of who is using what applications, how much data is moving in and out where the risk lies.

  • Drill down into detailed risk analysis of cloud applications When you identify high application use or potentially risky applications, drill down to understand detailed risk attributes for each cloud application.

  • Capture and replay data and files Flow and log information can tell who, how much and when…but it can’t tell you WHAT data has been moved outside enterprise control. Full capture and forensic reconstruction with Security Analytics provides the full detail to eliminate the unknown, understand exactly what data moved and provide any evidence to take further action.

You face massive shifts in your computing landscape – with equally vital network, security and cloud implications. The adoption of cloud applications is one of those changes. Blue Coat’s Cloud Visibility and Intelligence provides the insight that you need to manage cloud access security, serving as a basis for cloud access control to manage and mitigate the risk of shadow IT usage.

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