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Global Intelligence Network

Behind successful advanced threat defense is powerful threat intelligence. The Blue Coat Global Intelligence Network is a cloud-based service that collects, categorizes and analyzes over a billion previously unseen and uncategorized websites a day from our 15,000 enterprise customers and their millions of users accessing the Internet daily. The network effect of having over 70% of the Fortune Global 500 as customers provides us valuable data to feed our analytics engines and keep you a step ahead of fast-changing security threats. It applies advanced sandboxing techniques and analytics to identify, categorize, and block threats, so you can continuously strengthen your defenses.

Intelligence Services: Immediate and Customizable Protection

Blue Coat Intelligence Services harness the content classification and threat blocking capabilities of the Global Intelligence Network to provide instant protection against existing and emerging threats for the websites and web applications. Employing more than 200 engines, they combine threat research from Blue Coat Labs with intelligence from our ProxySG secure web gateway (SWG) and Advanced Threat Protection solutions to classify global content and block known and emerging threats. Subscriptions to the specific Blue Coat products allow you to leverage content categorizations and threat risk levels to tailor the services for your specific security requirements.

The Global Intelligence Network delivers:

  • Global real-time content categorization for enterprise-grade compliance
  • Highly accurate threat intelligence and threat risk levels stop 99.9%+ of known and emerging threats without overblocking
  • Continuous improvements to advanced threat defense, at lower costs

Our cloud-based Global Intelligence Network is managed by Blue Coat Labs, an industry-leading cybercrime and advanced-threat research team composed of a group of experts from fields including computer science, mathematics, computational linguistics, data science and electrical engineering.

The Blue Coat Global Intelligence Network daily helps thousands of businesses worldwide to effectively defend their networks against advanced and emerging threats. Benefiting from a highly effective cloud-based intelligence network, customers enjoy better security and lower operating cost by reducing or eliminating some of their on-premise threat analysis solutions.