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Incident Response, Analytics & Network Forensics

Blue Coat Security Platform – Fast Incident Response, Improved Forensics How long does it take to detect and resolve an attack in your network? If you’re like most enterprises, it can take days, weeks, even months to identify and remediate the full extent of a breach. That’s time you and your incident response teams don’t have; that’s time that gives attackers the advantage.

Blue Coat 2016 Global Network Security Forensics Market Leadership Award

It’s time to turn the tables; it’s time for the Blue Coat Security Platform. With Blue Coat, you have the visibility you need to proactively detect attacks and radically reduce the time it takes to resolve security incidents and conduct forensic investigations in your network. The Blue Coat Security Platform enables effective Incident Response and delivers:

Visibility Automatically records and retains everything that crosses your network—every packet, flow and file—so nothing misses your view, even encrypted traffic. Blue Coat enables you to establish a “system of record”, with traffic capture and replay capabilities, to improve the efficiency of your incident resolution and forensics activities. Your incident response teams have the visibility and evidence they need to conduct precise and complete remediation.

Attack Detection Delivers comprehensive sandboxing and automated, real-time content inspection and threat notifications to accelerate the identification of advanced malware targeting your network. Blue Coat also integrates with your existing security tools to enhance your overall ability to detect, analyze and resolve targeted threats and zero-day attacks. With proactive notification and complete context applied to your current security tools you know every detail surrounding an alert.

Quick Resolution Uncover the full source and scope of an attack to improve response times. Blue Coat; offers correlated, integrated response workflows that enrich your incident investigation and remediation capabilities and help you answer the hard forensics and executive-level questions around breaches in your network. With the right answers, resolution is swift and complete, damage to your organization is minimized and you avoid ongoing exposure and risk.

Security Platform Incident Response and Forensics Capabilities With Blue Coat, response teams can go from notification to mitigation in minutes, with all the information they need at their fingertips to quickly resolve the full extent of a breach. The Blue Coat Security Platform offers integrated components you can deploy, based on your needs and budget, including:

  • Proactive Incident ResponseSecurity Analytics Provides full packet capture, recording, indexing, deep packet inspection, classification, on-demand session replay, and real-time breach detection and notification, so you have complete details of what is going on before, during and after an attack. The 2015 CyberThreat Defense Report cited Security Analytics as the most cited security technology for planned acquisition
  • Malware Analysis Integrates with Security Analytics to deliver next-generation sandboxing that is uniquely customizable to identify and analyze suspicious or unknown files and zero-day threats that are specific to your organization.
  • SSL Visibility Sees all traffic, providing enterprises full visibility into any threat, including those trying to avoid detection by hiding in encrypted traffic.

Integration with Leading Solutions Blue Coat integrates with leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Endpoint, Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), and Sandbox solutions to add critical context that enhances the effectiveness of all the security tools in your extended ecosystem.

Global Intelligence Network Blue Coat Incident Response and Forensics technologies leverage the Global Intelligence Network’s comprehensive threat data for up-to-the-minute threat intelligence to provide automated real-time threat notifications, risk-based scoring and security incident replays that support rapid, prioritized responses.

Are you taking a Proactive Approach to Incident Response?

Is your organization stuck at what SANS calls “Manual Forensics” – a disjointed response process using many rudimentary tools with little or no network traffic record to tap for evidence? Have you moved to “Basic Forensics” – a more established process that leverages available threat intelligence and access to some network packet capture for retrospective analysis? Or, has your security team matured to “Proactive Incident Response” – an efficient process using 30- days or more of recorded network traffic, unknown files that are automatically sandboxed to uncover their true identity and proactive notification when something suspicious has crossed your network? Read the SANS report – A Proactive Approach to Incident Response and find out how you might mature your Incident Response capabilities.

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Life Cycle of a Data Breach Incident Response Infographic

Blue Coat - Effective Incident Response