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 Malware Analysis Service

Malware Analysis Service with Cloud Sandbox Protects Users From Advanced Threats -  Wherever They Are

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Evolving Threat Landscape

Determined hackers, coupled with the expanding adoption of cloud applications and the explosion of mobile workforce devices means that enterprises must find new ways to protect themselves from increasingly sophisticated, malicious attacks. It’s a daunting challenge that raises tough questions for enterprises, such as:

  • How can we accurately identify and block all of the rapidly emerging known threats attacking our business without over-blocking our users an impacting their ability to do their jobs?
  • How can we protect mobile and remote users effectively and efficiently?
  • How can we protect ourselves from the sorts of zero-day threats which are increasingly finding their way into our environment?

And given scarcity of resources, enterprise need capabilities that will address these issues not only with enterprise-class capabilities, but with speed, simplicity and efficiency – terms synonymous with the cloud. 

Cloud-Based Malware Analysis & Sandboxing

Symantec has developed a cloud-based multi-tiered solution that includes advanced analysis techniques to identify and neutralize malware designed to evade detection technology.


Key Components of Symantec’s Cloud-Delivered Advanced Threat Protection:


Global Intelligence Network

  • World’s largest civilian threat intelligence network
  • Quickly identifies “known bads’ from across the globe and provides real time updates to your system
  • Classifies URL’s into 70 content categories and 12 risk-related security categories to filter threats
Learn more about the Global Intelligence Network here

Web Security Service – Content Analysis

  • Decrypts SSL encrypted traffic for deep content inspection
  • Multi-layered dual anti-virus and heuristic analysis combines to block sophisticated malware
  • Customizable White-List/Black-List capabilities and file-reputation analysis tailored to your business

Malware Analysis Service

  • Provides advanced analysis (static code, YARA rules, behavioral) as well as in-line real-time file blocking
  •  Utilizes sandboxing to detonate suspicious samples; virtual and emulated environments are available
  • Coordinates with the Web Security Service to delay file delivery until all analysis is complete

Symantec Malware Analysis Service

To complement the capabilities of the Symantec Web Security Service, Symantec gives enterprises a flexible subscription model to add malware and threat prevention service through two licensing approaches: Malware Analysis Service Standard Service and Malware Analysis Advanced Service, which adds broader file type support, mobile platform sandboxing, and more detailed reporting to the Malware Analysis Standard Service offering.