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Office 365 Security Solutions

Blue Coat Office 365 Cloud Access SecurityOffice 365 often leads to questions of governance and security. How can I detect account breaches? Should I rely exclusively on Microsoft to prevent advanced threats? How can I make sure that content in the cloud meets compliance laws?

Blue Coat delivers security, governance and performance for Office 365 and all your clouds. We use both gateway services and API access for visibility into every action Office 365. From advanced threat protection to breach detection and forensic investigation; with the ability to quickly assess and remediate content compliance with cloud-specialized DLP; Blue Coat delivers security and governance that integrates with your existing security infrastructure…AND can accelerate performance.

Office 365 Security From Blue Coat Delivers Protection & Compliance

  • Integrate into Cloud and Web Governance – leverage your installed Secure Web Gateway/Proxy to maintain access control, log access and inspect content to for threat protection and DLP.

  • Audit – track every user activity. Our Audit service monitors every single access and activity within Office 365, providing a detailed visibility into usage and providing the basis of advanced analysis.

  • Detect – identify account breaches and malicious use. User behavior analytics (UBA) baseline standard activity and identifies anomalous behaviors. We assign threat scores to each activity and enable custom triggers.

  • Protect – enforce granular control over on activity and use. Define content-aware and context-aware policies to automatically remediate risks and exposures as they occur, prevent data leakage and thwart malicious activity. Alternatively set up email notifications to alert users or administrators of such activity.

  • Investigate – Assure cloud data is accessible for legal, compliance, HR & security investigations. Investigate leverages the massive amounts of user activity logs to provide a forensic database to power incident investigations. See every action, reconstruct behavior and access documents, search and cross correlate to quickly understand the complete picture.

  • Content IQ – Cloud-savvy DLP analyzes and remediates content compliance risks. A quick assessment establishes which documents are publicly available, shared outside of your company or have broad distribution lists. It analyzes content for PII, PHI, PCI other compliance regimens. We also provide bulk remediation and real time policy enforcement to solve compliance issues quickly.

  • Advanced Threat Protection – prevent and detect threats in real time to/from OneDrive, SharePoint, Mail. You can't rely on Microsoft be your exclusive threat protection in office 365. Blue Coat has built, licensed and partnered with the best collection of threat protection technologies under one roof. Scan emails from malicious URL's, evaluate files for threats with leading AV engines, check file reputations, scan for malicious code within documents and sandbox files to spot malicious indicators of compromise (IOC's).

  • PacketShaper QOS and ProxySG caching - protect and accelerate user performance. Pack a cheaper at your main Internet egress points with ProxySG at key sites with the most users can speed performance and make sure Office 365 performance exceeds user expectations

  • With all your clouds, integrated with governance and threat protection frameworks. We work with Office 365, and provide those security and governance controls across all your critical cloud applications. We also integrate that with your secure web gateway access logs and policies and threat protection architectures to unify