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Open Architecture

An adaptable foundation that’s open to innovation Great ideas come from many sources, not just one vendor. You need an open architecture that allows you to take advantage of new technologies and solutions from a thriving ecosystem of partners—an architecture that can adapt with your fast-changing requirements so you can fully leverage new opportunities as they emerge.

Our platform provides support for open standards and a robust policy framework, which enables integration between our products and those of third parties. Our platform is built with sophisticated policy engines which allow fine-grain control of network traffic. These engines can support thousands of attributes, including those related to user, network, device, application and traffic characteristics. Numerous checkpoints execute context-based policies in real-time and at scale. We are heavily involved in helping to develop integration standards, including the Internet Content Adaptation Protocol, Structured Threat Information eXpression and Trusted Automated eXchange of Indicator Information.

The Blue Coat Security Platform is specifically designed to secure the expanding enterprise network and offers an open and flexible approach enabling seamless integration with other technologies, which you to make the best use of current and new solutions. The Secure Web Gateway occupies a unique positioned in the network, receiving all of the traffic and possessing all the information you need in order to make decisions about what to allow into your network and to your users. In addition, proxy-based inspection and policy enforcement provides a flexible, adaptable platform for integrating best-of-breed security solutions into your environment and orchestrating policy controls across these solutions.

Blue Coat’s proxy-based architecture can intelligently identify protocols to apply the correct security policy. It provides termination and inspection to deliver threat detection at a much deeper level than simple packet analysis, and makes it possible to deliver more intelligent decisions about policy enforcement as well as inform users of policy exceptions. It can also read, set, and follow the network QoS settings, so you can adapt QoS in line with company policies. Proxy-based policy enforcement is critical to providing customers the ability to achieve situational policies across defined groups and users, as well as devices, locations, applications and content. Simply put, with Blue Coat’s proxy-based architecture you can execute on your business priorities with precision.

Why Choose Open Architecture?

Blue Coat believes in supporting an open ecosystem to add more value by providing the freedom to choose the best technology for specific tasks. With Blue Coat’s open architecture you can:

  • Enable any authentication realm across your enterprise to achieve accurate policy enforcement via integration with the extensive range of authentication mechanisms and vendors
  • Deliver Encrypted Traffic Management to variety of security controls so they can fully perform their jobs in protecting against threats
  • Choose the anti-malware technology that complements your existing deployment needs, including sandboxing and anti-virus technologies
  • Deploy technology from the mobile device management (MDM) vendor of choice, based on the API integration between Blue Coat and MDM vendors
  • Gain visibility into traffic and analytics based on format integration with key log analysis and analytics solutions
  • Scale and consolidate network security solutions of choice via integration on the scalable X-Series platform.

Blue Coat's Open Architecture is delivered through our thriving Partner Ecosystem.

Defining the Next Generation of Secure Web Gateways