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Security Analytics & Incident Response

Blue Coat Security Analytics & Incident ResponseSee All. Know More. Respond Faster. Sophisticated, targeted attacks can take weeks, months or longer to discover and resolve. Incident response teams need tools that quickly uncover the full source and scope of an attack to reduce time-to-resolution, mitigate ongoing risk and further fortify the network. Like a security camera for the network, Blue Coat Security Analytics delivers full network security visibility, advanced network forensics, and real-time content inspection for all network activity. This effectively arms security and incident response teams to identify and detect advanced malware crossing the network and contain zero-day and advanced targeted attacks. A comprehensive record of all network activity lets you conduct swift forensic investigations, perform proactive incident response and resolve breaches in a fraction of the time.

Blue Coat Security Analytics is easily deployed anywhere within the network, either as a pre-configured appliance, a virtual appliance, or software on your own hardware. It delivers high-performance analytics via lossless packet capture and indexing on the fastest networks; massive scalability and add-on capacity to handle petabytes of captured traffic; and centralized management, so you have full 360-degree visibility into every network segment from a single pane of glass. Your existing security tools gain the much-needed context and content needed to empower your team to identify and address security issues quickly and thoroughly. Read how Rackspace, Jefferies and a Major Defense Contractor used Security Analytics to enable swift incident response.

An integral part of Blue Coat's Incident Response, Analytics & Network Forensics solution, Security Analytics helps you protect your workforce and business-critical systems and continuously fortify your security defenses.

Advanced Forensics and Proactive Incident Response

Quickly identify, analyze, and resolve cyber attacks and breaches. Enable your security and incident response teams to easily understand an attacker's methods and activities, and quickly uncover the full source and scope of attacks and security events so they can swiftly resolve incidents and mitigate further risk. The Security Analytics solution:

  • Captures, indexes, classifies and enriches all network traffic data with the latest threat intelligence, only made available through the Blue Coat Global Intelligence Network
  • Provides detailed forensic information and real-time alerts on newly identified malicious files, URLs and Indicators of Compromise (IOCs)
  • Reduces time-to-resolution and answers the what? when? and how? of any security incident through root-cause exploration, deep packet inspection, integrated reputation services and data enrichment, and advanced context-based reporting on malicious activity
  • Delivers full security visibility across thousands of applications, dozens of file-transports, all flows and all packets, including encrypted traffic, through direct integration with Blue Coat SSL Visibility
  • Proactively scans web, mail, and file protocols, leveraging Blue Coat Intelligence Services and a multitude of third-party threat intelligence sources, to identify known malware and deliver accurate reputation scoring of URLs and files
  • Automatically detects, extracts, classifies and brokers suspicious or unknown files in real-time to Blue Coat Malware Analysis or 3rd-party systems for sandboxing and threat scoring
  • Improves the effectiveness of existing security technologies by integrating with leading NGFW, IPS, SIEM, and sandboxing solutions to gain actionable intelligence with detailed forensic evidence of exactly what happened before, during and after a security incident
  • Integrates directly with leading Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions for a full network-to-endpoint view of any malicious activity, delivering prompt and precise attack resolution

Demo: Next-Gen Malware Analysis and Sandboxing, with Blue Coat Security Analytics

Together the Blue Coat Malware Analysis and Security Analytics deliver dynamic, advanced protection to uncover advanced malware and zero-day threats.