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 Shadow IT Audit

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What is Shadow IT?

Shadow IT (information technology) is a term used to describe IT systems used inside organizations without organizational approval. Many consider Shadow IT important for innovation however, these solutions frequently do not meet organization's requirements for regulatory control, documentation, security, privacy and reliability,

Take the Covers Off Shadow IT
Audit thousands of cloud apps and services already in use in your company and evaluate which applications are secure and business-ready and which represent a risk.

Uncover Risk to Your Enterprise
Get a summary report card that identifies all SaaS apps that pose a medium or high security risk as well as the top 5 high security risk apps, users and their locations. The Symantec Shadow IT Audit provides a summary report/profile of your SaaS apps security risk.

Determine Business Readiness of Apps
Based on a comprehensive set of criteria, our data science algorithms will automatically assign a Business Readiness RatingTM to your cloud services and the ratings can be customized to your specific business requirements.

Instantly find SaaS apps used by your employees and discover any security risks to your business.

Compare and Choose the Best Cloud Apps
Easily compare existing cloud apps side-by-side and determine which cloud apps are best for your company.  

Add Cloud App Visibility to Symantec Blue Coat ProxySG
Extend ProxySG features by enabling intelligence on thousands of cloud apps that may pose a security risk to your company. 

Additional Resources on Shadow IT and Cloud Security:

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