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Symantec DLP & Blue Coat Cloud Data Protection Gateway

Encrypting/Tokenizing Sensitive Data in the Cloud

The integration of Symantec’s DLP with the Blue Coat Cloud Data Protection (CDP) allows an enterprise’s existing DLP policies to be used to encrypt or tokenize sensitive data that needs to be used in cloud applications. 

How it Works

In the integrated solution, cloud app traffic is intercepted by the CDP gateway.  The gateway leverages Symantec DLP’s detection engine to identify the presence of any restricted data in the transaction.  If relevant data is identified per the existing DLP policies, the CDP gateway is instructed to apply encryption or tokenization to the information or documents. The integrated solution operates transparently to the end user, inspecting and protecting cloud transactions to keep sensitive data within the corporation’s firewall at all times.  

Leverage Existing DLP Policies

Enterprises have invested time, effort and expertise into developing and fine tuning their DLP data protection policies.  Now they can selectively encrypt/tokenize information to make the use of the cloud possible in a number of regulated application use cases. 

Symantec Cloud Data Protection Gateway DLP Diagram

Enterprise Retains Encryption Keys or Token Vault On-Premise

The integrated solution ensures that regulated data is protected throughout the complete cloud data lifecycle.  Since information is replaced while it is on premise, only meaningless surrogate values go to the cloud.  Only authorized application end users have the ability to access the information from the gateway and bring it back into the clear. 

Symantec DLP Cloud Data Protection Firewall

Seamless User Experience

A key aspect of the integrated solution is that the cloud user’s experience is not impacted by the data encryption or tokenization being performed in the background. Cloud application users can seamlessly access, search and sort on all data, even information that has been tokenized or strongly encrypted and is never in the clear when processed in the cloud.

Data viewed through the
Symantec Platform

Data viewed directly in ServiceNow
Symantec DLP Cloud Data Protection Screenshot Symantec DLP Cloud Data Protection Screenshot Ver 2

Confidently Use the Cloud, Even With Regulated and Sensitive Data

Some enterprise cloud use cases have no legitimate business need for sensitive or regulated data to ever be sent to them.  But in some instances, business units need this sort of data to be part of the cloud application to make it usable. Request a demo of the solution to learn how we can support your requirements to maintain data compliance in the cloud.