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WAN Optimization - MACH5

Powerful WAN Optimization Solutions with MACH5 Technology. Delivering performance and bandwidth savings for datacenters and your cloud applications, the Blue Coat MACH5 goes a step beyond the other WAN optimization solutions that focus on symmetrical data caching and acceleration. With MACH5, you can leverage specialized optimization features for data, video, cloud and web applications, even in IPv4, IPv6 or mixed environments.

What is WAN Optimization with MACH5?

The MACH5 packs power, flexibility, and speed in a single WAN optimization appliance. MACH5 features combined protocol acceleration, compression, object and byte caching and QoS to help accelerate key applications such as file access, email, web, storage replication and backup. For advanced applications, MACH5 integrates specialized live and on-demand video optimization for Adobe Flash, Windows Media, Silverlight, HTML5 and all video. MACH5 cloud-caching engines enable faster SaaS application access with no impact to the cloud infrastructure.

Empowered by the patent-pending CachePulse cloud-based technology for real-time content categorization and caching intelligence, MACH5 automatically updates content categories and caching rules to ensure continuous sustained high bandwidth savings and improved user experience over the long haul.

NCC Media

NCC Media uses Mach5 to improve its WAN Optimization.