Security Analytics Platform

As cyber attacks become more sophisticated, the list of security requirements continues to grow. You need a security solution that provides the intelligence, context awareness, and analysis to help you see, understand, and respond to advanced targeted attacks. And you need a high-performance, scalable solution that protects your workforce now and adapts to fast-changing requirements.

Our Security Analytics Platform is easily deployed anywhere within your network—either as a pre-configured appliance, a virtual appliance, or software on your own hardware. Your security tools can work together in concert—sharing data, creating insights, and empowering the team to identify and address security issues quickly and thoroughly. 

An integral part of the Blue Coat Resolution Center, the Security Analytics Platform helps you protect your workforce and constantly improve your security processes. The platform includes:

  • Security Analytics Appliances: These are turnkey, pre-integrated, pre-configured modules that deliver high-performance analytics via 2-10 Gbps indexing and lossless capture rates; massive scalability and add-on capacity; and centralized management, so you can manage thousands of network segments from a single pane of glass.
  • Security Analytics Virtual Appliances: The industry’s first and only security intelligence and analytics appliances available as a virtual machine. They include the same award-winning Security Analytics Software as our physical appliances—without requiring the purchase, installation, and maintenance of hardware.
  • Security Analytics Software: Delivers complete network visibility and situational awareness — now. The software records and classifies every packet of network traffic and provides clear, actionable intelligence about security threats to applications, files, and web content. And it automatically analyzes any file and enables immediate alerting about zero-day and other advanced threats.


Organizational Policy Compliance

You’re constantly challenged to maintain, demonstrate, and meet audit and artifact requirements for IT Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC). Only our Security Analytics Platform gives you definitive proof of Acceptable Use Policy violation, providing you with both the content and the user information you need to solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

As well, we deliver the performance, scalability, and security intelligence and analytics needed for a broad range of operational tasks and initiatives, including:

  • Real-time situational awareness
  • Security incident response
  • Cyber threat detection
  • Data loss monitoring and analysis
  • Security assurance