Check Point for the X-Series Platform

Your security, your way. Together, the X-Series and Check Point security solutions have been successfully deployed in the most demanding Enterprise and Service Provider environments across the globe. The powerful combination of Blue Coat and Check Point solutions provides organizations with the most comprehensive protection from advanced threats, as well as unprecedented consolidation, adaptability, availability and operational efficiency in their datacenters. The resulting integrated security solution offers businesses with next-generation network security performance, unmatched consolidation as well as the “freedom-of-choice” to simplify and customize their network security architecture to meet growing business and market demands.

The integration of the Blue Coat X-Series Platform with the Check Point Software Blade Architecture results in a unique and powerful solution that helps organizations:

  • Simplify datacenter complexity through the consolidation of numerous, disparate appliances onto a single X-series system;
  • Deliver an extensible solution that readily adapts to the ever-changing security demands on business;
  • Achieve unsurpassed reliability and stability of critical communications that meet tomorrow’s growing business uptime demands; and
  • Improve operational efficiency while reducing the management and maintenance demands and costs within datacenter environments.
  • Protect business critical assets while maintaining the highest network performance.