Content Analysis System

Content Analysis System

Block. Detect. Analyze. A new breed of hackers – including cybercriminals, nation states, hacktivists, and insiders – are perpetrating increasingly sophisticated, targeted, and effective exploits on enterprises. This shift in the threat landscape requires a new defense that combines prevention with more effective attack detection, preparedness and response.

With the Blue Coat Content Analysis System – combined with the Malware Analysis appliance and ProxySG appliance – you can automate advanced threat protection at the gateway to fortify your network against unknown or advanced malware. The net result: your business can move beyond fear and start focusing on possibilities.

Bridging the Gap Between Prevention and Incident Containment

The Content Analysis System is a key product in the Security and Policy Enforcement Center, that integrates real-time blocking of known advanced threats—through application whitelisting and dual anti-malware signature databases—with dynamic malware analysis, that uses state-of-the art sandboxing technologies.

To bridge the gap between real-time blocking of known threats and incident containment through the analysis and mitigation of unknown or advanced malware, the Content Analysis System delivers:

  • Intelligent Defense In-Depth: Coordinated use of application whitelisting, static code analysis and malware scanning with single or dual anti-malware engines blocks known threats, identifies day-zero threats in real-time by analyzing characteristics of suspicious files and identifies unknown content for deeper analysis. This efficient and scalable approach to threat detection scales malware analysis of unknown content, delivering rapid, high-performing advanced threat protection.
  • Malware Analysis Orchestration: As a broker between multiple sandboxes, the Content Analysis System simultaneously sends unknown or suspicious files to the Blue Coat Malware Analysis Appliance as well as third-party sandboxes – allowing enterprises to optimize their existing investments while building out an in-depth, advanced malware defense. And with 'real-time’ sandboxing, the Content Analysis System can trickle a file to the sandbox, holding the last few bytes until a behavioral verdict is reached via the Blue Coat Malware Analysis (or other sandboxing partners). This allows the blocking of truly unknown malware before the first end-point is infected.
  • Threat Intelligence Network Effect: New intelligence from the analysis of unknown or advanced malware is shared with Blue Coat ProxySG appliances, to automate blocking of newly identified threats at your gateway; and with the Security Analytics Platform, for advanced threat profiling and remediation of the full scope of an attack. The network effect of the Intelligence Network further automates protection by sharing threat intelligence from 15,000 customers worldwide.

Advanced Threat Protection Solution: A Lifecycle Defense

The Content Analysis System is a key component of the Blue Coat Advanced Threat Protection solution. The solution integrates products from the Security and Policy Enforcement Center and the Resolution Center to deliver a comprehensive lifecycle defense that fortifies the network by blocking known threats, proactively detecting unknown and already-present malware, and automating post-intrusion incident containment.

Blue Coat Content Analysis System bridges the gap between prevention and incident containment.


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Content Analysis System - System Overview