Custom Security Analytics

Custom Security Analytics

Target your defense. No two businesses are exactly alike. What’s more, no two businesses share the same security requirements, priorities or vulnerabilities. Cybercriminals have been paying attention to your network – including your behavior, patterns, and content. Today’s advanced threats and targeted attacks are more customized—increasingly targeting specific gaps within your existing security infrastructure and traditional “set-it-and-forget-it” security defenses.

As part of a modern advanced threat protection strategy, your security solution needs to be more targeted too. Blue Coat’s Custom Security Analytics provides the flexibility, extensibility, and open configuration you need to build a customized Security Analytics solution that’s specific to your unique industry and environment – including operations, industry regulations, compliance, and business needs.

As part of the industry-leading Security Analytics Platform, Custom Security Analytics deliver a flexible, more personalized architecture to target specific threats, attacks, and indicators of compromise on your enterprise network. The result? Faster and more accurate identification, response, remediation, and resolution of those advanced threats and attacks that put your business most at risk.

  • Configurable analytics logic: Easily create customized rules and policies that analyze and alert on custom protocols, applications, objects, and other parameters for faster discovery of specific targeted attacks on your unique network.
  • Customized, single pane of glass: A unified, highly customizable user interface combines big data security analytics; security visibility; and web, file, and malware threat intelligence for real-time and back-in-time visual insight — all while delivering custom reports on a variety of metadata that is of most interest to you.
  • Open, integrated security ecosystem: As part of our flexible and extensible Custom Security Analytics, the Security Analytics Platform integrates directly with your existing security defenses and ecosystem to provide more contextual awareness while fully closing the gaps that exist in your current security.

This highly flexible, open architecture can be logically programmed and customized to your specific needs and will allow you to add additional services in the future – based on the evolving threat landscape and your changing operational domain.

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Demo: Delivering Real-time Threat Analysis with Blue Coat ThreatBLADES

Blue Coat ThreatBLADES on the Security Analytics Platform leverage the massive collection of threat data within the Blue Coat Global Intelligence Network. This enables automated real-time detection and protection against all known web-, email-, and file-based threats.