Imperva for X-Series

Imperva for X-Series

Maximize protection faster. The X-Series platform, along with Imperva, provides organizations with comprehensive database, file, and web application security offerings—combined with superior network processing for industry-leading consolidation, adaptability, availability, and operational efficiency. The solution offers choice and the ability to secure sensitive data stored in databases and file servers, as well as, protect web applications from cyber attacks.

The X-Series solution extends the ability of the SecureSphere Data Security Product Lines to secure the business by:

  • Dramatically simplifying network security through consolidation of disparate Imperva appliances into a single X-Series platform
  • Simultaneously run all Imperva SecureSphere applications on the X-Series together with any other certified security application
  • Delivering a change-ready solution that adapts to the ever-changing security demands of the business
  • Enabling unsurpassed reliability that meets today’s and tomorrow’s ever-increasing uptime demands
  • Improving operational efficiency by simplifying the network security infrastructure reducing management and maintenance demands
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