Powerful visibility into users’ web activity. Blue Coat Reporter gives you the ultimate visibility into your Blue Coat ProxySG installation, with detailed reporting on video and web application usage. Reporter quickly processes robust log data from Blue Coat ProxySG appliances and ProxyClient, as well as conveyed data from WebFilter and ProxyAV appliances, and creates intuitive reports for security specialists, department managers, HR managers and network administrators.

The highly customizable Reporter dashboard offers detailed views of user activity, web usage patterns, application access summaries, video usage, blocked sites, sites accessed by category, time of day, length of time and more. You can also evaluate security risks and block network infiltration through IM and P2P applications. Reporter also offers the ability to anonymize any data field in any report and has support for international user names, URLs, and domain names.

More than 50 users or administrators can use Reporter simultaneously, each with his or her own customizable dashboard that provides a unique view that is important or valuable to their own specific role. Using this data, administrators can create custom reports to help:

  • Troubleshoot possible security holes
  • Track potentially dangerous user activity
  • Gain visibility into blocked traffic by category and URL
  • Conserve network bandwidth resources by identifying abuse patterns
  • Provide visibility into the usage of specific web application functions
  • Plan and review policy based on web, application and video usage
  • Report on web and video usage by user, group, location, URL and other factors
  • Identify violators of corporate web access policies and possibly compromised and infected systems on the corporate network
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