Sourcefire for X-Series

Sourcefire for X-Series

Protect, scale, and adapt intelligently. Your business’s network requires comprehensive security and the ability to prevent and adapt to today’s and tomorrow’s advanced threats. A modern, intelligent approach can best secure your corporate assets and data.

A Blue Coat strategic affiliate, Sourcefire pioneered the Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS)—with its Snort application—and now offers its 3D Sensor solution, with more scalability, intelligence, and protection for enterprises of all sizes. Based on the proven, high-performance and highly-reliable Blue Coat X-Series platform, this latest 3D Sensor solution delivers a full-featured NGIPS, increased application visibility and control, advanced malware protection, and URL filtering.

The system gathers information about network and host configurations, applications and operating systems, user identity, and network behavior and traffic baselines. By enabling extensive visibility into what’s running on your network, Sourcefire’s 3D Sensor offers event impact assessment, automated IPS tuning, and user identification to significantly lower the total cost of ownership.

Sourcefire on the X-Series provides an unparalleled security solution, delivering increased visibility, protection, and control for the most demanding enterprise networks.

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