SSL Encrypted Traffic Visibility and Management

SSL Encrypted Traffic Visibility and Management

Remove your encrypted traffic blindfold. The use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) / Transport Layer Security (TLS) communications in today’s enterprises is prolific, and apps that take advantage of it – such as SharePoint, Exchange, and Google Apps – are commonplace and rapidly growing. Although the increasing pervasiveness of Cloud and mobile-based services offers you significant benefits, the encrypted traffic that protects data from being viewed within these modern applications also creates a blind spot that can be exploited by advanced threats and malware. While more than 25% of outbound web traffic is now encrypted, 80% of security systems do not recognize or prevent threats within SSL traffic.

To identify hidden threats to the business, it’s clear you need complete visibility into the encrypted traffic coming into and out of the business. However, to comply with local privacy regulations that protect certain classes of data — such as financial or health-related — as well as with corporate policies on the acceptable use of applications, organizations must be able to selectively decrypt network traffic. An encrypted traffic management strategy that considers the various business needs, the corporate policies established, and the compliance mandates for your industry is essential.


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Blue Coat can help you in your quest for an appropriate encrypted traffic management strategy and supporting architecture. We provide comprehensive, policy-based visibility into SSL/TLS encrypted traffic through the following innovative solutions:

  • SSL Visibility Appliance: The centerpiece of Encrypted Traffic Management, this gives you 20/20 vision into all your SSL traffic and lets you add SSL inspection capabilities to your advanced threat protection solutions as well as your existing network security architecture. So you can close the visibility loophole created by encrypted traffic.
  • SSL Intercept and Encrypted Tap for the ProxySG Appliance: As enhancements to the ProxySG, these solutions can selectively identify, inspect, and decrypt web-based SSL traffic according to your established policies. Decrypted data can then be shared with anti-virus or URL-filtering solutions. The Encrypted Tap option also allows for handoff of decrypted traffic to third-party logging systems for analysis, archiving, and forensics.
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