SSL Visibility

The use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) / Transport Layer Security (TLS) communications in today’s enterprises is prolific, and applications that make use of this encrypted communications – such as SharePoint, Exchange, and Google Apps – are commonplace and rapidly growing. While the increasing pervasiveness of Cloud and mobile-based services offers you significant benefits, the encrypted traffic that protects data from being viewed within these modern applications also creates a blind spot that can be exploited by advanced threats and malware.

To identify hidden threats to the business, it’s clear you need complete visibility into the encrypted traffic coming into and out of the business. However, to comply with local privacy regulations that protect certain classes of data — such as financial or health-related — as well as with corporate policies on the acceptable use of applications, organizations must be able to selectively decrypt network traffic. An encrypted traffic management strategy that considers the various business needs, the corporate policies established, and the compliance mandates for your industry is essential.

Blue Coat can help you in your quest for an appropriate encrypted traffic management strategy and supporting architecture. We provide comprehensive, policy-based visibility into encrypted traffic through the following solutions:

  • SSL Visibility Appliance: Decrypts SSL/TLS traffic on the enterprise network and provides content to existing security appliances used for intrusion detection and prevention, firewalling, forensics, compliance and data loss prevention. This high-performance, dedicated appliance is an integral component of the Blue Coat Advanced Threat Protection solution and integrates with the Security Analytics Platform, Content Analysis and Malware Analysis products to provide complete visibility into the full scope of advanced targeted attacks. Through its unique “Decrypt Once Feed Many” design, this appliance can support and enable multiple security devices simultaneously, with visibility into all networked applications and traffic – encrypted and otherwise.
  • Encrypted Tap for the ProxySG Appliance: An optional feature for ProxySG appliances, this extension can selectively decrypt web-based SSL traffic according to your policies, and hand-off that decrypted traffic to third-party logging systems for analysis, archiving, and forensics.

Equip your organization with visibility into all network traffic - SSL and otherwise. Close the security visibility loophole that encrypted traffic creates.