Web Application Reverse Proxy

Web Application Reverse Proxy

Accelerate safely. Web-based apps and content are increasingly popular—and increasingly under attack. To secure and accelerate public web applications in trusted and untrusted environments, turn to Blue Coat ProxySG Web Application Reverse Proxy protection.

  • Accelerate delivery of web applications and content through integrated caching, stream splitting, bandwidth controls, threat analysis of inbound and outbound web content, and a flexible policy language with unmatched user authentication options.
  • Analyze and scan inbound executables and files for malware to protect your infrastructure from concealed and disguised attacks and threats
    • Protect web infrastructure by isolating origin servers from direct Internet access and scaling web farms by off-loading user authentication, SSL tunnels and web content optimization.
  • Perform health checks on HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, ICAP and ICMP in order to monitor web content servers and proxy-related devices for the purpose of alerting administrators--including strict HTTP/HTML protocol validation from the server and client.
    • Secure user access to web applications by using ProxySG as an SSL termination point with re-encryption to web servers, or a man-in-the-middle (MITM) configuration. ProxySG provides both server and client side certificate support, with web services encryption and decryption, and digital signature verification.
  • Apply policy to inbound connections, based on IP address, user agent, client geo location (with a Web Application Protections subscription), and almost any other characteristic of the incoming request.
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