Flexible policies for managing web content. Blue Coat WebFilter categorizes billions of web pages in more than 50 languages into 85 useful categories that can be easily managed by IT administrators.  When deployed with ProxySG appliances, WebFilter can enforce and update corporate security policies across the network based on these categories and execute granular control over select popular web applications and operations.

WebFilter is powered by the WebPulse collaborative defense of 75 million users.  New and unknown web content is sent to WebPulse for real-time analysis and categorization.  WebPulse automatically updates the WebFilter database to provide the most accurate ratings and protection at the web gateway.

To enable more accurate categorization and to mitigate the risk of overblocking content, WebFilter supports multi-dimensional ratings per URL. With multiple category ratings, WebFilter gives IT administrators greater policy flexibility and granular control.

Blue Coat extends filtering, protection from web-based threats and corporate security policies to remote users through ProxyClient, which is automatically included with WebFilter.

If you feel your site has been improperly categorized, please visit: http://sitereview.bluecoat.com

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Blue Coat ProxySG and WebFilter, combined, act as a crucial first line of defense against web threats.