WebThreat BLADE

WebThreat BLADE

Get context. Improve analytics. Your workforce is spending more and more time on the web—and so are cybercriminals. Right now, 85 percent of successful attacks originate from web-based traffic and apps. Additionally, advanced targeted attacks are now commonly using social engineering techniques to deliver advanced malware techniques into your organization.

How will you protect your users from the full range of vulnerabilities so prevalent on the web today—without unnecessarily constraining their activities or their productivity? With the Blue Coat WebThreat BLADE.

Deployed on our Security Analytics Platform, this blade provides you with real-time, comprehensive protection against web-based threats, so you can empower your workforce to access and use the resources they choose, whenever they like, with total confidence. The Blue Coat WebThreat BLADE delivers:

  • Extensive URL coverage to detect and report suspicious sites in more than 100 different categories.
  • URL reputation to reflect all the latest phishing, proxy, and other malicious website threats.
  • IP reputation to detect bots, phishing, denial of service (DoS), scanners, spam sources, and Windows exploits.
  • A single user interface that combines web threat intelligence , security analytics, and complete security visibility for all BlueCoat ThreatBLADES.
  • Integration with our Security Analytics Platform for drill-down into full payload information and evidence of any threat or persistent attack.

Leveraging the WebPulse Collaborative Defense Cloud

The Blue Coat WebThreat BLADE works exclusively with our Security Analytics Platform and is powered by the Blue Coat WebPulse Collaborative Defense system, which performs real-time categorization and ratings of web URLs and content and provides background processes that hunt for evidence of malware and malicious content—based on intelligence aggregated from 75 million endpoints. The WebPulse “network effect” provides unmatched visibility and intelligence to the WebThreat BLADE in order to quickly protect against web- and email-based threats.

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Demo: Delivering Real-time Threat Analysis with Blue Coat ThreatBLADES

Blue Coat ThreatBLADES on the Security Analytics Platform leverage the massive collection of threat data within the Blue Coat Global Intelligence Network. This enables automated real-time detection and protection against all known web-, email-, and file-based threats.