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Cloud Data Protection as a Managed Service

Cloud Data Protection

Secure Sensitive Data with a Trusted Partner

The Blue Coat Cloud Data Protection Gateway can be deployed as a hosted or managed solution (via partners such as Amazon, Fujitsu, CGI, CSC and more).  In this deployment model, the Blue Coat Platform resides at the customer’s preferred partner, and access to the public cloud SaaS application us routed from the customer’s internal network, through the partner and then to the cloud application provider. In this approach, all costs for the service (infrastructure, licensed, etc.) can be structured into a monthly fee.

When data residency or date privacy are the primary business requirements for adopting the Blue Coat solution, many organizations adopt this deployment model.  The data remain resident in the location of the service partner within the same geographic borders of the customer, and only tokens (assuming tokenization is used to meet data residency requirements) would leave the country for processing or storage in the cloud service provider’s data centers located in other regions.

The Blue Coat Platform puts the control that enterprises seek back into their hands, making their use of the public cloud completely private.

Download the Blue Coat Cloud Data Protection Datasheet

Cloud Data Protection Blue Coat Security Platform

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