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Security, Privacy and Compliance Solutions for Salesforce

Learn More About Security and Compliance and Solutions for Salesforce Data

Tokenize and Encrypt Salesforce, Chatter, Force & Analytics Cloud Data

Cloud Data Protection for SalesforceBlue Coat’s Cloud Data Protection Gateway Delivers Privacy and Compliance through Encryption and Tokenization

Blue Coat designed and delivered the industry’s first Cloud Data Protection Platform for Salesforce in 2009.  The software solution for Salesforce security, listed on Salesforce’s AppExchange partner portal , provides critical data residency and privacy capabilities to users of public cloud applications like those from Blue Coat provides the leading cloud data protection support for all Clouds, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Chatter, Analytics & Salesforce1.

Enhance data compliance for your business with our cloud data solution.  The Blue Coat Platform controls data with Salesforce Encryption or Salesforce Tokenization while putting the control that enterprises seek back into their hands, making their use of the public cloud completely private.

Cloud Data Protection Blue Coat Platform

Salesforce Encryption and Tokenization: How Does it Work?

Blue Coat Platform– Intelligent Indexing of Encrypted and Tokenized Data

To provide data control,  the Blue Coat Cloud Data Protection Gateway can be deployed in a wide range of configurations with optional server components. The core system in the Platform is the Blue Coat Server, acting as a forward or a reverse proxy.

In addition to monitoring and reporting on cloud use and encrypting and tokenizing data in accordance with an enterprise’s data protection policies, the Blue Coat Server intelligently indexes encrypted and tokenized data. These indices play a central role in the platform’s ability to preserve cloud application functionality – such as Searching or generating reports – on data that has been protected – even when the strongest data protection techniques in the industry are used. A management console permits authorized users to define and maintain data discovery, analysis and protection policies.

The Blue Coat adapter interfaces with the Blue Coat Platform Server and, given its understanding of the application and data layer operation of Salesforce, plays the critical role of preserving end user functionality, such as the ability to “Search” and “Sort” data, in and applications. This comprehensive solution provides the strongest level of data compliance for the enterprise user.

Data viewed through the Blue Coat Platform Data viewed directly in Salesforce
Access data in Salesforce while maintaining security and compliance Data is encrypted to establish the best possible security and protection for sensitive data in Salesforce

Blue Coat Visual Policy Manager (VPM)

Cloud Data Protection AppProtex Visual Policy ManagerThe Blue Coat Management Console is designed for simple policy administration in Salesforce and will provide administrators control over system modules via an intuitive yet powerful interface.

Blue Coat VPM provides Compliance Teams with real-time policy inspection and audit capabilities to confirm the protected state of sensitive application data via a browser extension with easy, point-and-click controls.

Developers have the ability to add rules, create policies and extend control to applications as well.

Blue Coat VPM is a visual interface that allows administrators and IT Risk professionals to review and create data protection policies, tying data protection rules to data assets such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) fields and documents.

Learn More About Blue Coat Visual Policy Manager

Why Choose Blue Coat for Salesforce Privacy and Compliance?

  • Strongest Available Cloud Data Control – Encryption and Tokenization are used to control your data, no data is shared in “the clear” outside of your network. Data is secured at the field-level control based on user defined tokenization or encryption options. Enterprise retains full control of the token vault and/or the encryption keys that work to secure the data.

  • Only Solution That Supports FIPS 140-2 Encryption While Preserving Cloud Functionality – To preserve application functionality, all other vendors require the use of their own proprietary weakened encryption within their platform solution. Close analysis of their modules and associated certifications reveals that non-compliant algorithms unavailable in FIPS-mode are required to encrypt sensitive data when an enterprise needs to preserve critical cloud functionality.

  • Only Solution with 3rd Party Audited Tokenization Solution – Blue Coat enables organizations to use well documented and proven tokenization techniques to protect information as an alternative to encryption. The tokenization technique deployed within the platform– which is especially useful for data residency and data sovereignty requirements – has been audited and validated against relevant industry standards by CoalFire Inc, a PCI DSS QSA and a FedRAMP 3PAO. Download the Blue Coat Coalfire Technical Assessment Summary Report

  • Doesn’t Tie Support of Cloud Application Functionality to the use of Specific Encryption Techniques – Enterprises value flexibility because nothing is as certain as change. Only AppProtex lets enterprises change the underlying data protection techniques used within the platform over time – at their own discretion – as they see fit. All other alternatives in the marketplace require the use of specific, unproven techniques in order to preserve cloud application functionality.

Fully tested to integrate with a variety of Salesforce AppExchange business Apps including:

  • ClickTools

  • Genius

  • Cameleon

  • F8 Filenet

Download the Blue Coat Cloud Data Protection for Salesforce Datasheet

Download the BLue Coat Cloud Data Protection for Salesforce Analytics Cloud Datasheet

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