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Visual Policy Manager

Cloud Data Protection

Data Protection Solution for PaaS Applications

Visual Policy Manager Cloud Data Protection Blue CoatThe Blue Coat Visual Policy Manager (VPM) Management Console is designed for simple policy administration in PaaS Applications, such as Salesforce, and will provide administrators control over system modules via an intuitive yet powerful interface. Users can easily control Cloud data in all states including: In-Transit, At-Rest and In-Use.


Compliance Teams utilize Blue Coat VPM for real-time policy inspection and audit capabilities to confirm the protected state of sensitive application data via a browser extension. VPM allows ppolicy managers to administer policies and implement changes quickly using a browser extension with easy, point-and-click controls. Blue Coat VPM is designed to enable collaboration between Compliance/Privacy and IT Security teams.

Blue Coat VPM is a visual interface that allows administrators and IT Risk professionals to review and create data protection policies, tying data protection rules to data assets such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) fields and documents. Blue Coat VPM ensures that data never leaves an enterprise’s control.

Administrators can use a graphical user interface to designate specific fields or documents with policies to encrypt or tokenize them before they leave the enterprise and go to their cloud applications. Users can use real-time policy mode to visually audit (via a simple system of visual color-coding of data field elements on the screen) that the appropriate data encryption and tokenization rules are being enforced.


Developers have the ability to add rules, create policies and extend control to applications as well.

Blue Coat VPM puts the control that enterprises seek back into their hands, making their use of the public cloud completely private.

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