Scalable X-Series Platform

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Open, Scalable Security Platforms for Best-in-Class Applications.

Your network, your way

Your company’s network security should be tailored to meet your specific requirements. That’s why we created the X-Series, a family of open, adaptable network security platforms that provide blazing-fast, reliable processing for best-in-class security applications.

The X-Series delivers virtualized security infrastructure in a box—so you can consolidate equipment and eliminate the sprawl that has covered your data center floor tiles. It frees you to run world-class security applications from CheckPoint, Sourcefire, and Imperva in any combination, and allows you to scale up and adapt performance to match your business needs precisely.

By giving your IT organization the freedom to align network security with business priorities, the X-Series delivers tremendous business value in four key areas:

  • Consolidation: Dramatically reduces the footprint of network security appliances and associated networking equipment by up to 100:1.
  • Adaptability: Quickly enable new security services without re-architecting, maximizing the return on your network security investment.
  • Availability: Meets even the most demanding uptime requirements, providing virtually 100% availability for business-critical networks.
  • Operational Efficiency: Keeps network security operational costs low despite steep growth in traffic by facilitating simpler, more secure network architectures.

How We Do It

Secure Flow Processing

  • Eliminates the need for routers, switches, taps, and other equipment because their functions are performed by the X-Series Network Processor Module
  • Simplifies changing network security applications without changing the network topology
  • Consolidate security devices and surrounding equipment up to 100:1, reducing the number of devices to manage and making any changes and troubleshooting straightforward.

Virtual Application Processing

  • Makes it possible to seamlessly implement and scale multiple applications in a single chassis
  • Allows security application performance to be scaled from 5 to 140 Gbps—so you can keep pace with the most aggressive traffic growth
  • Makes expansion easy by enabling true linear scalability for multiple applications in a single chassis, eliminating time-consuming and risky forklift upgrades

Network Flow Distribution

  • Ensures efficient use of all processing cores regardless of the source or destination port, yielding consolidation ratios that are impossible with other platforms
  • Decouples physical ports from processing resources, allowing you to design the security architecture around your existing network

Adaptive Healing Technology

  • Lets you prioritize resources in the case that one or more components fails, reducing the amount of spare equipment sitting on the shelf.
  • Gives you the flexibility to customize availability levels from 5-9’s redundancy in a single chassis to virtually zero downtime with multiple chassis
  • Automatically keeps critical environments running at full capacity and provides protection against environmental failure or local disaster