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USA Today Interview on Search Engine Poisoning

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USA Today Interview on Search Engine Poisoning

Chris Larsen

Earlier this week, USA Today ran an article on the dangers of Search Engine Poisoning attacks, based in part on an interview I did with them a month or so ago:

There is also a short video clip with part of the interview, featuring Byron Acohido and Yours Truly.

(BTW, I was mortified to hear myself say that the TLD for China was ".zh" -- when I brain-cramped and used the two-letter code for the Chinese language instead of the ".cn" country-code. Yikes. I now have more sympathy for politicians who say something dumb when on-camera...)


In related news, Sophos had a fun blog post yesterday on fake "celebrity death" rumors:

How is it related? Well, as we reported in the part-7 wrap-up of our series on SEP attacks, the Bad Guys have moved most of their "big event" and "celebrity" attacks from search engines to Facebook and Twitter, where rumor-based campaigns can quickly and easily spread.

(Which was a point that didn't make it into the article or video, because there's only so much you can cover in a few minutes.)